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Bosch Tankless Water Heaters



BOSCH Instantaneous
Tankless Water Heaters

Who Should Own One?

Before discussing installation information, it is important for homeowners to understand how an instantaneous water heater differs from a standard tank-type water heater.

U.K., Europe, Pacific Rim countries and many other parts of the world, all use tankless water heaters. There has to be a reason!

Fuel costs have historically been much higher in the rest of the world where they have had to develop equipment that is more efficient. Tankless water heaters are 25 - 30% more efficient than the tank type. This is because a tank type heater has to burn 25 - 30% longer just to keep the water hot in the tank. When the burner is off, cold air is drawn through the flue(s) running up the middle of the tank, leaching heat from the stored water which is wasteful and very inefficient.

Bosch tankless water heater has no tank to maintain, therefore minimal stand by heat losses, and the burner only comes on when hot water is needed. This is energy smart and saves 30% in our water heating costs. It is why our on demand heater produces 30% less flue gas emissions, which is environmentally smart and energy star rated.

Even though a tankless water heater may cost more than a tank type water heater, it could be the last water heater you ever buy. In North America we are used to throwing away the whole water heater every 5 - 7 years when it leaks. Tankless heaters are designed to be repaired with all parts being replaceable - you never throw them out.

Because Bosch tankless water heaters provide hot water on demand, you'll never run out of hot water, even in large homes, with showers one right after the other or in some cases multiple showers all at once.

Because of its compact size (30"H x 18"W x 9"D) and the fact that it's wall hung, it also helps conserve space.

  • It is just as easy to install and operate as a tank type heater.
  • It is equipped with either auto electronic or piezo ignition.
  • It requires minimal maintenance.


  • Adequate water supply pressure is important to the operation of a tankless water heater (a minimum of 40 psi is recommended for good shower operation).


Save up to 30% on your gas bill, conserve energy and protect the environment, never run out of hot water, save space and have a smart, long term investment that is going to continue to pay off for as long as you burn gas.

Cut cost In todays world, the vast majority of families are away from home all day. Both day and night, the traditional hot water tank has to continually cycle in order to keep enough hot water ready for a family's needs. This outdated method of providing hot water is expensive and considerably harder on the environment due to resulting higher CO2 emissions and the land fill costs associated with traditional throw away type heaters. With Bosch, all parts are replaceable and recyclable.

With the Bosch on demand water heater however, the ONLY time you burn gas, is when you turn on the hot water tap. Families also love the fact that they never run out of hot water.

Bosch water heaters come with a name you can depend on and combine unsurpassed quality, reliability and economy to provide the discerning homeowner with the most cost effective and environmentally sound, water heating solutions available.


Reduces power consumption 25%-35% over traditional gas hot water heaters.
Switching from electric to natural gas? In most areas you will save 50-60% on your water heating bill.
Space saving design lets you squeeze more living into less square footage and store your golf clubs where the old tank used to be.
Enjoy an unlimited supply of hot water.
Be environmentally responsible. Bosch hot water heaters reduce CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.
Be a part of the new generation of environmentally efficient home builders.
Your new Bosch hot water heater is fully CGA, AGA and CSA approved and certified and many are energy star rated.
Bosch Water Heaters are truly recyclable - fully repairable - all parts replaceable.


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