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Bosch Tankless Water Heaters



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Tankless Water Heaters

A Giant Step Towards the Environmentally Responsible,
Energy Efficient Homes of the Future


Water temperature of incoming ground water varies throughout Canada. While the Greater Vancouver area (metro) may experience 40 degree F in the winter months, other areas may struggle to reach 35 degrees F. For our purposes here, we are using 40 degree F (4 degree C) as the temperature of the incoming ground water as a worse case scenario. The water temperature in the summer months can reach 60 degrees F in the metro area, so values change.

105 degrees F (41 degrees C) is generally accepted as the standard for shower and bathing purposes. New construction faucets and shower heads limit the flow to 2.5 imperial gallons per minute (GPM) which equates to 3 US GPM.

Pilotless or Piezo ignition pilot (E.F. .69).
Automatic flame failure gas cutoff and safety interlocked controls.
Long life, high quality copper heat exchanger.
Available in LP or natural gas.
Automatic overheat protection provided by high temperature limiter and pressure relief valve.
82% to 94% efficient, low maintenance stainless steel burners or ceramat burners.
All parts in contact with water are stainless steel, copper or brass. Hot water is potable.
Easy wall mounting and hook ups.
Units may be connected in parallel in order to increase the capacity of a single unit.
Simple - safe - compact - lightweight - fuel efficient.
Hydro turbine ignition - still have hot water with power outage.
Efficient modulating burner automatically adjusts to water flow.
Temperature selection knob allows wide range of flows and temperatures.
Continuous flow.
Warranty. Residential Units come with a 15 year Heat Exchanger and 5 year on parts in most cases.
Fan assist side wall power vented model options are available for those difficult venting jobs.
Direct vent models have ceramat burners.
Selected units can be setup as solar backup.
800 and 920 models can be vented using CPVC 636.
Several models are energy star rated
Some models are solar ready
Can be used in recirculation applications
Commercial units can provide 180 degree F water
Automatic diagnostics systems


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